10 Car Rental Switzerland Tips to KNOW

Planning to rent a vehicle in Switzerland and confused as to the best way ahead?

Although the region has well-maintained and efficient public transport, opting for the best car rental in Switzerland with a driver can be a significant addition. Choosing this helps you to gain autonomy and ultimate freedom.

Tips should you consider booking Swiss limousine services

  • Booking the right car 

The region is mountainous the same doesn’t have a lot of airports. Thus the primary way to travel around the nation is by train. Trains in the region are also expensive and you may need to buy a pre-bought pass to determine the best option for your needs.

Choosing the Swiss limousine services is therefore the best and most comfortable choice. Pre-booking the rental services is important so that you can arrive comfortably from well-known airports like Zurich, Avis, and Hertz.

  • The costs are variable 

The Limo rental service costs are also variable which means that you won’t have a shortage of vehicles for your budget. Considering the extensive rush, it is best to book in advance. These can help you to secure discounts or overcome the problems of managing seasonal rush.

  • Car rental is more affordable than bringing your car

It is always cheaper to rent your vehicle than to drive the vehicle through treacherous roads. If you plan on driving through the region then you must be willing to navigate through the winding roads and mountains.

  • Be  aware of the prices 

Before you decide to rent a car with a driver in Switzerland, you must be aware of the calculations for the same. You need to pay for the fuel expenses and an average rental sets you back by $359 per week and the same varies on the season you are renting for. Hence it is best to understand your rental requirements and ultimately seek quotes through various suppliers before renting anyone.

  • You pay a surcharge too

The prices of car rentals also come with a surcharge of 6.5% apart from a standard tax for rentals. Choosing a chauffeur in Switzerland may also cost you additional.

Depending on the time of the year, the same can be a more expensive choice. Booking after careful assessment of the costs is recommended. The same will yield cheaper prices and better results.

  • The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

If you are planning to ski or snowboard, you need to have a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). It is important to ensure that the service provider has sufficient insurance to attain the best results.

Damages and additional insurance coverage can be expensive hence it is always good to understand the extent of coverage on offer.

Further, if the rental company tries to intimidate you with their additional insurance package then it is best to avoid their services and choose another reliable service provider.

  • The hold charges 

The hold charges are the amount billed to the credit card when you choose to book a car in the region. These can range anywhere from 200 dollars to thousands.

However, you must not be intimated by the same. It is for instances when something goes wrong with your car or you crash the vehicle.

  • Always check out the reviews

When it comes to renting a car, it is important to research the business. It is important not to rely on deals that seem to be too lucrative.

You can check customer reviews and assess the experiences of friends who have rented cars internationally. If you are renting for too long then it is best to focus on unlimited mileage so that you do not have to worry about investing additional expenses.

  • Read the fine print 

Most people are not aware of what is included in the rental services until they reach the counter. One believes that they have unlimited mileage when in reality the same is not true.

Hence it is recommended to read the entire contract before actually investing in the same. You must also understand the terms and conditions of the contract before signing up for the particular service provider. It is always a good idea to understand your overall costs and fuel expenses to avoid last-minute surprises. Therefore, it is important to communicate with the customer service representatives to ensure that you are clear about the terms and conditions of the rental.

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